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Delivering high quality, personal service with a focus on exceptional results, Prime Home Improvements is making a real impact on the South Australian home improvement industry with their beautiful, practical spaces.

Beautiful bathrooms don’t happen by accident. It takes time, commitment and craftsmanship – and that’s what innovative South Australian business, Prime Home Improvements delivers.

For the past 23 years, David Papalia and Mando Scarsella, Directors of Prime Home Improvements, have been creating beautiful bathrooms and home improvements for clients throughout South Australia, working in partnership with their talented team.

David and Mando are dedicated to working closely with clients to achieve an exceptional result, every time.

As a certified Master Plumber with a Diploma in Building, David brings a wealth of knowledge to his work – and as a Licenced Tiler and Building Supervisor, Co-Director Mando provides the perfect complement of skills.

This business was born from a passion for creating beautiful spaces

David began his building career fresh out of school, taking on the challenge of a Diploma in Building and a Plumbing Apprenticeship at the same time. “My employer was very supportive in giving me time off for lectures. He could see the long-term benefits for his business, as well for as my career,” said David.

It was around this time that David also met his Co-Director and good mate, Mando Scarsella.

Thanks to his significant on-the-job experience and qualifications, David gained his Builder’s Licence in 1994. Soon after, he created a business partnership with Mando – and Prime Home Improvements was born.

Early in his career, David discovered that when he combined his building knowledge, plumbing expertise and natural talent for design, he had the ‘knack’ for seeing solutions.

“I’ve always been interested in all facets of construction. I did some drafting work initially as well, which was incredibly helpful as I learnt a lot about the structural components of a build. But where I really found my calling was in designing and renovating bathrooms.

“When I step into a space, I can immediately see the possibilities and limitations around me. I’m literally designing from the moment I enter the room. Every build is different and I always find the process exciting.”

Delivering tailor-made transformations

David says that when designing, his main goal is to help his clients get exactly what they want.

“It’s pretty simple really – I want every one of our clients to absolutely love their bathroom or home improvement.

“For me, meeting a client for the first time is more than just taking on a new job.

"Being invited into someone’s home is really a privilege and we do not take this lightly. We want to work in partnership with our clients – it’s about a genuine commitment to an excellent end result.

“I really like to spend time getting to know the client, their home and their style.

“Being able to connect and understand our client’s needs is the key to our success, time and again.”

Of course, satisfied clients also means there are regular referrals. David says that the vast majority of their work arrives through word of mouth, due to the excellent level of trust the company builds with clients and their enviable 100% satisfaction rating.

It’s all about quality

David and Mando know that only a fine combination of quality relationships, quality materials and quality craftsmanship will get the best results.

“We’re continually learning too – it’s critical in this business. We are always thinking ahead and keeping up to date on environmentally friendly and sustainable options and new trends. The diversification of products today is astonishing. When I started my business, there were only a few product options – now just choosing taps, vanities and tiles is an experience in itself.”

“I love creating new spaces from old”

David compares the painstaking process of creating a beautiful, practical new space to the restoration of a classic car.

“Just like a classic car, you need to take it all apart, recondition and renovate, add new elements and put it all back together again, aiming to achieve something even better than when you began.”

David’s skill in understanding the structural components of a build means that he is able to overcome challenges and find solutions, no matter the size or location of the space.

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